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25 octobre 2018
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The Saint-Louis and Robert-Debré facilities of the Paris Public Assistance-Hospitals have just been labeled for the care and treatment of patients using « CAR-T » cells. These are the first centers in Europe to be recognized as expert centers. These two large institutions will be able to offer access to this gene therapy against certain blood cancers (lymphoma and leukemia). This medical advance is revolutionary, the rate of remission exceeds 80% in those under 25 years of age with acute leukemia refractory to conventional treatment.

Blood Cancer: What is CAR-T Cells, This Revolutionary Treatment?

Until now, it was necessary to poison the malignant cells to destroy them, all without killing the patient by attacking unfortunately his healthy cells. This task was facilitated by the fact that malignant cells, multiplying faster than others, absorbed more chemotherapy than healthy cells. The new therapy called « CAR-T » consists of genetically modifying certain immune cells called T lymphocytes in the laboratory, in order to provide them with a receptor (CAR) to track cancer cells and destroy them. In addition to their formidable effectiveness, these cells have a long life since they have the ability to eradicate cancer cells that reappear after several months or even years.
« The immune system is used to make a custom-made medicine, » says Dr. Sophie Bernard, onco-hematologist at the Paris Saint-Louis hospital. Patients benefiting from this new therapeutic approach can be managed for lymphomas in the Pediatric Hematology Department of Pr. André Baruchel at Robert Debré Hospital for patients under 18 years of age.

35,000 new blood cancers are diagnosed each year in France, among adults, adolescents and children. A complete remission rate of 40% is observed 15 months after CAR-T cells treatment in patients with refractory large B-cell diffuse lymphoma compared to 5-10% with conventional chimiotherapy.

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