DREPANOCYTOSIS: the most common genetic disease
6 septembre 2019
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17 décembre 2019

Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that is particularly rare in people under 45 years of age…. It can be seen that most of the patients are around 70 years old and France has about 160,000 Parkinsonians on its territory. On the planet, 6.3 million people are affected. It is the most common cause of motor disability after strokes.

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, slowly progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the death of a population of neurons, present in the black substance, whose function is the production of dopamine, a neurotransmitter essential for controlling the body’s movements. To date, there is no treatment that can slow neuronal death. The available drug treatments are essentially dopamine substitutes that help to reduce symptoms. The treatment of this pathology is now based on dopamine modulating therapies, improving motor impairment.

Parkinson’s disease is characterized by 3 major symptoms:

  • a tremor, predominantly in the hands, which occurs at rest and calms down during voluntary movements
  • stiffness (hypertonia) of the limbs
  • a slowdown in the performance of gestures and walking (akinesia)

A possible alternative: replace lost neurons
Stem cells make it possible to avoid taking dopamine-based drugs, but since Parkinson’s disease is characterized by the degeneration of a brain structure, transplanting these cells, which can replace lost neurons, is the basis for new therapeutic strategies… Recent technological advances make it possible to ensure the quality of stem cells and to cultivate practically unlimited quantities of nerve cells that produce dopamine in the laboratory. The first clinical trials of systematic transplantation using stem cells began last year in Japan.

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