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27 octobre 2016
15 décembre 2016

Myocardial infarction is a common and serious disease affecting 120,000 persons in France each year, including 50 000 deaths (source: Ministry of Health). We find that by improving the overall care of Myocardial infarction, the hospital mortality (recurrence) increased from 30% in 1960 to less than 10% currently.

Evadeo Prô works closely with renowned experts in cardiology, including Professor Lafont, co-founder of the French company ART (Arterial Remodelling Technologies), which has developed Europe’s first Bioresorbable stent, used to prevent even more the risk of myocardial:

It is a small spring, conventionally made of metal, designed to unclog an artery. It works by introducing a catheter with a stent at its end through the radial artery or femoral and lead it to the narrowing area, where it is deployed to push the walls and to open the orifice of the artery. Blood can then flow normally and bring to heart the oxygen it needs.

This type of treatment can be recommended for patients who suffer from angina (heart pain from insufficient oxygen delivered to the heart) or where severe atherosclerosis has narrowed the arteries of the legs, causing pain in the calves when walking. Atherosclerosis can also reach the carotid arteries, so causing a risk of stroke.

The main advantages of this revolutionary invention:

– As the stents disappear (such as absorbable fiber) in eighteen months, it avoids any long-term complications.

– Unlike metal stents, we can put more stents as necessary.

– Stents reduce to one month the duration of treatment by using two antiplatelet.

– The arterial wall found in a few months all its flexibility, since it is no longer embedded in the metal cage of the stent.


To come cure your cardiac problems in France, or simply monitor the operating status of your heart, call Evadeo Prô! We will put you in contact with our specialist partners, who will be pleased to take care of you and offer you a course of care adapted to your needs.

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