21 mars 2017

How to prevent kidney failure?

For healthy kidneys: Limit salt. hypertension may damage the kidneys. Drink a lot of mineralized water to facilitate kidney work. Monitor blood glucose levels because diabetes […]
20 février 2017

PARIS: Capital of love and medical tourism!

Special offer: Love in Paris! Walking together in the beautiful districts of Paris, or on the most beautiful avenue of the World, take a diner together […]
20 février 2017


From January 30 to February 2, 2017, Evadeo Pro is present at the ArabHealth Exhibition, a global event for all actors of the medical sector. The […]
23 janvier 2017

Make a touch of beauty for you at the beginning of the year!

Offer January 2017: Face treatment offered for any medical or tourist visit to France! Pollution, stress, lack of sleep: not easy for the skin to fight […]
23 janvier 2017

France, leader in the innovation of medical technologies

Hexagon multiplies inventions that revolutionize the global medicine Once again, France can be proud to be among the leading countries for innovations in the field of […]
23 janvier 2017

Winter sales in Paris: combine health and pleasure in the most beautiful city in the world!

Offer winter sales: 1 consultation with a great specialist offered during your stay shopping in Paris! In true shopping temple, Paris is full of shops. Want […]
10 janvier 2017

Discovery of a molecule for the fight against diabetes!

Treat your diabetes with Evadêo Pro ! This could be a significant step forward in the fight against diabetes. Indeed, despite treatments increasingly sophisticated, the most […]
10 janvier 2017

Start 2017 in Good Health!

Limited offer 2017: Fees offered and 2 touristic tours in Paris for free! If you wish to have a good health for you and your family, […]
9 janvier 2017

With the laser to cure hemorrhoids: goodbye post-surgical pain

Evadêo Pro – specialist in the treatment of hemorrhoids in France Hemorrhoids diseases have become a major health problem today, because, according to recent statistics, these […]