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Treat your diabetes with Evadêo Pro !

This could be a significant step forward in the fight against diabetes. Indeed, despite treatments increasingly sophisticated, the most severely affected patients with this disease, should always make daily insulin injections.

A team of French researchers has isolated a molecule found in a dietary supplement capable of regenerating insulin producing cells in diabetics and which could avoid injections. In the case of diabetes type 1 (the most severe), cells that produce insulin, pancreatic beta cells, are gradually destroyed by the immune system, which recognizes them as foreign. But, Insulin is essential to regulate blood sugar levels. This scientific advance would make it possible to renew the pancreatic beta cells of the patient.

« These results are promising as to the likely effectiveness of this solution for humans, » the authors say. Therapeutic trials will soon be initiated and could indeed help patients with diabetes type 1. And maybe thus paving the way for a medication capable of curing diabetes type 1 once and for all.

Evadeô Pro can accompany you on a path of care and help you to detect diabetes in time to better treat it, because the number of diabetics continues to rise. In France, only, there are 3.5 million people with diabetes, 10% of whom have diabetes type 1.

Call Evadêo Pro to make a health check and to detect any diabetes.

If you have diabetes, ask Evadeô Pro teams for specialized care for diabetes with our best diabetologists and endocrinologists, and in specialized hospitals such as the Robert DEBRE Mother-Child University Hospital, Or the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris. Starting from the initial treatment, it is often a team specialized in diabetology who will take over to adapt and refine the appropriate treatment to the patients.

For any information or care request, ask to be called, or contact us by phone or mail to indicate your needs and so our team will take care of the rest!

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