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23 janvier 2017
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23 janvier 2017

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Hexagon multiplies inventions that revolutionize the global medicine

Once again, France can be proud to be among the leading countries for innovations in the field of health. From medical imaging to the artificial heart and the eye treatment, innovative technics in the operating room, technological advances in the service of daily tests or hypnosis during operations… French technological innovations revolutionize every day the worldwide medicine and represent the main quality for medical tourism in France.

The French medical prowess could change the health of each of us, as the following medical innovations:

  • The first total artificial heart was implanted inside a patient at the European hospital Georges-Pompidou in Paris, by Professor LATREMOUILLE (cardiac surgeon), with whom Evadeô Pro collaborates closely. Developed by Professor Alain Carpentier, the total artificial heart was designed by Carmat company. It was the culmination of 25 years of research. This prosthesis, whose early experiments are promising, could be an alternative to heart transplants. An emblematic example of medical innovation « Made in France ».


  • A patient with sickle-cell anaemia recovering from gene therapy at the Necker-Enfants malades Hospital in Paris and the Imagine Institute (partners with Evadeô Pro to take care of the medical stays of our young patients), The team is being led by Doctor Marina Cavazzana. The specialized protocol of gene therapy allowed the adolescent to produce normal haemoglobin, thus releasing him from the monthly transfusion exchanges and especially vaso-occlusive episodes. These promising results were presented at the American Society of Hematology.


  • Microscopic biomedical imaging: the ultrasound revolution. A team from the Langevin Institute in Paris (ESPCI, CNRS, Inserm), headed by Mickaël Tanter, research director at ESPCI, has taken a decisive step towards the very high resolution medical imaging by using ultrasonic waves. Theses works present a real revolution for medical imaging, offering the first technique of microscopic imaging allowing to see in depth in the tissues. Potential applications are great, from the early detection of cancerous tumours to other cardiovascular and neurological pathologies.


  • The Hôtel-Dieu of Paris, equipped with a femtosecond laser, with a module cornea graft. It makes it possible to cut the cornea without mechanical action by using a laser controlled by a computer. The Hôtel-Dieu de Paris is the only public health establishment in Ile de France to own this device. This equipment is located in the ophthalmology department of doctor Gilles Renard, attached to the Ophthalmology – Maxillo-Facial division.

All these technical advances allow our French specialists to have new ways to offer a high-precision treatment with the latest technology generation to all patients.

By offering these technologies to all those who wish to come to seek treatment in France, Evadeô Pro guarantees to its patients an unparalleled know-how and a treatment of a very high quality in our hospitals partners.

For any medical treatment in France, or to make a complete health check-up, during a medical evacuation, a medical stay or simply a tourist visit in Paris, take contact with our experts Evadeô Pro who will be able to offer you the most adapted path of care to your pathology. Plan your medical stay in France now, ask to be called, or contact us by phone or mail to let us know your needs; Our team takes care of the rest!

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