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27 avril 2017
How do you get rid of your headache?
8 juin 2017

With the new technology of GPS, Tenon Hospital in Paris succeed to integrate a new technique for analyzing the lung and locating tumours in one minute. This method consists in introducing a probe into the lungs which diffuses a signal to three electrodes; that forms a magnetic field to represent the lungs in 3D to diagnose its actual anatomy. Following the location, the doctor proceeds to treat the tumour through radiotherapy sessions.

Faced with this evolution of treatment and medical practices, Evadeô Pro helps you to diagnosis and to treat all cancer diseases and assists you in your care path. Evadeô Pro in collaboration with renowned hospitals will take charge of your treatment in France as part of a complete health check-up during a medical evacuation or a medical stay.

And because Evadeô Pro is the leader of medical tourism in France, we also offer you to enhance your stay by selecting from our services with preferential prices (see our health check packages : Comfort pack see this link, and Prestige pack see this link).

For a customized stay in peace, ask us to call you, or contact us by phone or email to tell us your needs and benefit from this offer; Our team takes care of the rest!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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