Strong growth of Medical Tourism in France !
1 février 2016
Cancer treatment by ultrasound
22 juin 2016


If you enjoy your holidays to combine health and leisure?

At Evadeô Pro, health stays packages of the summer season 2016 are ready!

You want to make special examinations, follow a complete health check-up, or cure a disease, and enjoy your stay to relax, shopping, visiting Paris, its monuments and stroll along the Seine, or go with your kids to Disneyland?

You would take care of your face and rejuvenate it (face lift, eye, nose, chin cheeks), or give your body a new silhouette (breasts, hips, belly, thighs …) leaving you to expert hands globally recognized?

Evadeô Pro packages are available to answer all your needs, with complete packages specially designed for your comfort, and tailored solutions to meet your requirements and your budget.

Our packages are designed for stays of 7 days to 1 month, combining care in prestigious medical institutions, with a wide range of tourist services and customized assistance, including airport reception, accommodation or food in half board or full board.

For your comfort, add or remove options, and modulate our packages to your liking. And to give more pleasure to your shopping trips, Evadeô Pro offers 100 € in good purchases to the first 100 orders!

Find all our packages on :

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