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27 avril 2015
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27 avril 2015


You come to get treatment in France or you want to entrust the organization of the course of care in France of a relative, an employee or an insured, to a single point of contact who will liaise with all the players involved in the stay.

To ensure personalized and optimal management of patients undergoing medical evacuation or a medical stay, Evadeô Pro surrounds itself with prestigious partners, some of whom are recognized worldwide for the quality of services they deliver.

1. Partner hospitals and hospital groups

a. Traditional & Famous Public Hospitals

To ensure the optimal care of its patients, and particularly for the management of severe pathologies, Evadeô Pro collaborates with major public hospitals in Paris and its region, among which are world-renowned references:

• Georges Pompidou European Hospital
• Pitié Salpêtrière HospitalHopital-prive-de-l-ouest-parisien-vue-2
• Cochin Hospital
• Saint Antoine Hospital
• Quinze-Vingt Hospital
• Hôtel Dieu
• Necker – enfants malades Hospital
• Trousseau Hospital
• Henri Mondor Hospital
• Etc.

b. American Hospital of Paris =>

The American Hospital in Neuilly sur Seine is a reference in terms of welcoming and health care for patients from around the world.
Most medical conditions are treated there, and the hospital is renowned for the high quality of care delivered to a demanding patient base.

c. Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR) =>

IGR is the national and European reference in terms of cancer treatment.
It has centers of excellence in the areas of cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and the overall pre and post-operative care of cancer patients. It brings together practitioners and researchers who are highly specialized and unanimously recognized for their expertise.

d. Générale de Santé Group =>

The Générale de Santé Group includes more than 170 private healthcare establishments across France, also organized into centers of excellence, each dealing with specific medical domains or conditions, enabling to pool related skills and offer comprehensive, quality support to patients.

e. Other private clinics

Evadêo Pro also works with many other independent private structures, relying on those areas of expertise and medical competences for which they are most recognized, to offer its patients an optimal course of care.

2. Other medical partners

a. Professional nurses

• Cabinet Lannebert – Boissy saint Léger

b. Physiotherapy practices

• Cabinet Thierry Renard – Pontault Combault

c. Ambulance companies

• Ambulances ADSP – Boissy saint Léger
• AFP Ambulances – Boissy saint Léger
• Ambulances Paris Concorde – Paris

3. Accommodation partners

a. Apartment hotels

• Park & Suites =>
• Adagio =>

b. Luxury hotels and VIP accommodation

• Hyatt Regency Hôtel =>
• Mariott Champs Elysées
• Carlton Group =>
• Radisson Group =>
• Magic circus & Dreamcastle
• Hôtel Elysée Val d’Europe

MarriotthyattHotel california

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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