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Management assistant, organize your treatment path!

"I support our patients in the organization of their care, from the establishment of your quote through the organization of your stay to the organization of your care path. The 10 years of experience Evadeô Pro allows me to have at my disposal a network of doctors and other partners for responsiveness and optimized support. "

1. A dynamic and experienced structure that has proven itself

• Intervention for important clients: States, Ministries, Social security funds, multinationals, insurance companies, oil companies, personalities, VIPs, etc.

Evadeô Pro has proven itself and demonstrated the seriousness and quality of its services to major players on the African continent and the Middle East, whether they are large public or private institutions.

• More than 5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ patients evacuated since

Thus, the number of medical evacuations or medical stays processed by Evadeô Pro since 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣4️⃣ exceeds 3️⃣0️⃣0️⃣. By virtue of the partnerships recently signed or in the process of being signed with major economic players from other African, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, this number is constantly increasing!

• A solid network of hospitals and quality practitioners

There is no secret on this point: in addition to the human sense and the organizational know-how of the Evadeô Pro teams, one of the keys to the success of medical evacuations and medical stays is based on the solid network and the close relations maintained with the most prestigious French hospitals, as well as the practitioners most recognized for their quality and efficiency.
For treatments in France managed by professionals, only one reference: Evadeô Pro!

2. Reliable staff, available 24/7

Because care can only be continuous, because it is essential to be constantly listening to the patient and to be responsive in an emergency, Evadeô Pro has an emergency unit reachable 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Medical coordinators are therefore at your disposal at all times and are ready to send you a doctor, medication or transfer you to an appropriate medical structure in the event of an emergency.

A team of medical visitors will also come by your side throughout your stay and visit you in the hospital. She listens to your expectations and liaises with medical staff and doctors. Our team will take care of translation and interpretation if necessary, throughout your stay.

Evadeô Pro, a dedicated team always at your side!

3. Unrivaled rates

At comparable cost, can we still hesitate to choose France as the destination for his medical stay?

By the extent of its medical network and the competition between French hospitals, Evadeô Pro is able to negotiate for you low-cost medical quotes, competing without embarrassment with those provided in the countries Maghreb or South Africa.
To further reduce its prices, Evadeô Pro has developed its own accommodation capacities (see Reception Centers. Patients thus benefit from comfortable supervision adapted to their situation, at a lower cost.

4. Care courses developed within prestigious institutes and with renowned practitioners

Because offering unbeatable prices does not mean cutting corners on the quality of the care provided, Evadeô Pro relies on its privileged relationships with the largest hospitals and practitioners in Paris to offer its patients benefiting from medical evacuations or medical stays, care pathways perfectly adapted to their pathology and aiming at optimal efficiency of their care and medical treatment.

At Evadeô Pro, the quality of service and care remains our priority!

5. Optimal response and processing time

Because it is inconceivable to allow a patient's condition to deteriorate on the grounds that his request for medical evacuation or a medical stay is dragging along in the hospital services requested, the specialists of Evadeô Pro do everything possible to obtain the 'estimate the different stages of your stay and provide you with a complete quote in record time.

Evadeô Pro undertakes to provide you with a complete quote within 2️⃣ to 7️⃣ days.