1. The business provider contract

Do you have a commercial flair and benefit from a solid and dense network of relationships likely to be interested, for themselves, for their structure or for their relatives, by the organization of medical stays in France?

Become a business provider on behalf of Evadeô Pro!

You take care of finding potential clients, presenting our services to them and putting them in touch with our teams. Evadeô Pro takes care of the rest! In return for your efforts, Evadeô Pro gives you a commission based on the sums collected! So don't hesitate any longer, contact us, tell us your ambitions and ask for your business provider contract!

2. The partnership in proxy mode

For the organization and administrative and logistical management of medical evacuations and other medical stays to France, Evadeô Pro also offers you the proxy mode.

A. What is a warrant?
In legal matters, a mandate is a contract by which a person (the Principal) gives another person (the Agent) the right to be able to perform legal acts in his name and on his behalf.

B. What does the proxy mode imply for evasans and medical stays?

In practice, the action of Evadeô Pro in the form of a mandate involves the following considerations:

1. Evadeô Pro (agent) signs with his principal (the patient, his insurer, his employer or any organization in charge of medical evacuation) a mandate agreement laying down the organizational and legal bases of the project (s) medical evacuation or medical stay

2. Throughout the mandate entrusted to it, Evadeô Pro never acts in its own name but systematically in the name and on behalf of its Principal (especially when Evadeô Pro contracts with various medical or other providers)

3. In its capacity as agent, Evadeô Pro is therefore subject to the obligation to inform its principal on the progress of its mandate (and therefore of the medical evacuation or medical stay) and to report on the use. funds received to organize and manage medical evacuation

4. In particular, at the end of the medical evacuation or the medical stay and after regrouping of all the states allowing to proceed to the administrative closure of the file, an Administrative Report (ARC) is sent by Evadeô Pro to its principal. .

This Administrative Report:

- Takes over all the expenses incurred by Evadeô Pro for the administrative and logistical support of medical evacuation or medical stay, attaching the related invoices

- Determines the mandate commission received by Evadeô Pro as remuneration for services rendered, this commission being generally expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the medical evacuation or medical stay
- Also determines the balance of the evasan file by the difference between the sums received by Evadeô Pro on the one hand, and those committed within the framework of its mandate on the other hand (to which is added the mandate commission)

- Balance of the file
Depending on its sign (debtor or creditor), the balance of the evasan or medical stay file is reimbursed to the nearest euro cent to our clients / principals or an additional call for funds is sent, of course attaching the relevant supporting documents (invoices).

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