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Glaucoma is a hidden disease and the patient who has it does not feel anything, so he can gradually lose eyesight. Only regular examinations performed by an ophthalmologist allow the correct detection and treatment of glaucoma.

With the Evadeô Pro health check-up offer, you can identify any emerging pathology of glaucoma and treat it in time to avoid the deterioration of your vision.

How to get check-up ?

It is enough to consult an ophthalmologist from 45 years or from 40 years if a member of the family has a glaucoma, and to renew this procedure every two years. The test for glaucoma is carried out by means of several tests such as visual field, intraocular pressure or the fundus of the eye to analyze the condition of the optic nerve.

Depending on the results, the ophthalmologist can make the diagnosis and propose the appropriate treatments :

Treat glaucoma with eye drops :

Depending on its composition, it can reduce the amount of aqueous humor produced or increase its evacuation. They are administered directly in the eye, one or several times a day.

To treat glaucoma with the laser :

Laser is a technique for the effective treatment of glaucoma. In the case of chronic glaucoma, the flow of the aqueous humor (intraocular fluid circulating from the back of the iris through the pupil to a region called the irido-corneal angle) is decreased and reduce the pressure.

To treat glaucoma through surgery :

Glaucoma surgery is a very benign operation that reduces ocular pressure so that the disease does not evolve, by making a valve to facilitate the drainage of the aqueous humor outside the eye (under The conjunctiva).

To take an appointment with the best specialists in France, or to plan a complete health check-up, or to know more about our doctors partners or the organization of your care stay in France, do not hesitate to contact the medical team of Evadeo Pro or ask to be called !


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