15 décembre 2016
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22 décembre 2016

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that can be transmitted through blood, which is characterized by inflammation of the liver. Each year, between 3000 and 4000 people are newly infected. Although long-term treatments exist, only part of the patients are treated. Indeed, most of them are unaware that they are infected, the infection being often « silent ». In the absence of treatment, hepatitis C can develop into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Until now, existing medicines unfortunately do not cure all patients, some of them do not responding to standard treatments. But the arrival on the French pharmaceutical market of new effective treatments against hepatitis C would make it possible to envisage its eradication by 2025. By advocating access to these expensive drugs to a greater number of patients, the AFEF (French Association for the Study of the Liver) believes that the goal is quite attainable. According to the latest data provided by health insurance, 14,000 patients with severe forms of hepatitis C have already been treated in 2014 with these new medicines.

Faced with this evolution of treatment and medical practices, Evadeô Pro helps you to diagnosis and to treat this disease and assists you in your care path. Evadeô Pro in collaboration with renowned hospitals, including the Cochin hospital or Lariboisière hospital, will take charge of your treatment in France as part of a complete health check-up during a medical evacuation or a medical stay where pathology falls under Gastroenterology and hepatology field.

And because Evadeô Pro is the leader of medical tourism in France, we also offer you to enhance your stay by selecting from our services with preferential prices (see our health check packages : Comfort pack see this link, and Prestige pack see this link).

For a customized stay in peace, ask us to call you, or contact us by phone or email to tell us your needs and benefit from this offer; Our team takes care of the rest!

*source : http://www.informationhospitaliere.com/

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