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A new technology using radioactivity in France: PET/MRI to diagnose and treat cancer
14 juin 2019

One in 5,000 people suffer from it and it occurs twice out of three times after age 60, both male and female. Facial neuralgia can affect both the right and left side. Also called « trigeminal neuralgia », it corresponds to the irritation of one of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves that innervate the face, the trigeminal nerve, or nerve number 5. It manifests itself in severe pain that affects one side of the face. Pain, similar to electric shocks, occurs during some common stimuli such as brushing your teeth, drinking, chewing food, shaving or smiling. Another characteristic sign of the disease is the existence of a pain-related contraction of the facial muscles, similar to a grimace or a tic. This is why facial neuralgia is sometimes referred to as a « painful tic ». Pain can affect the lips, jaw, gums and chin or even the forehead.

The cause of this condition is generally unknown. This is called essential or typical facial neuralgia. The management of essential facial neuralgia is often difficult and requires the use of several medications. First-line treatment is based on the use of anticonvulsant / antiepileptic or antispasmodic drugs. These drugs help to relieve pain. These drugs of choice may be combined with anxiolytics/ neuroleptics. Surgery is only considered as a last resort, if all possible drug treatments fail. Surgery involves many risks and complications and does not always relieve pain.

Facial neuralgia: additional examinations and analyses

They are performed if a cause is suspected (persistence of sensitivity disorders) and include at least brain and brainstem area MRI and ENT, as well as biological examinations for signs of infection (lumbar puncture and cerebrospinal fluid analysis). A vesicle analysis at the ear level by microscope quickly confirms the diagnosis of shingles.

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