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Lifting without surgery, it’s possible!

Summer is near! Are you looking for a facelift solution gentle and formidably effective?

The threads were invented, at the base, for the relaxation of the lower face. But the threads are also a good indication for wrinkling the nose, or for tightening the cheekbones a little sagging. In a lighter way, the area of the eyes (tail of the eyebrow and brow of the eyebrow) and the neck can also be tightened and firmed.

Namely: the intervention, lighter than a surgery, remains more consistent than an injection.

Wherever this technique is presented, girls are “crazy” of it. The idea is to put a multitude threads under the skin, to literally “rework” it, restore its firmness and its shines. Threads do not tow the tissues, but provide a tensor effect, and fill it. The skin is plumped as with hyaluronic acid.

In summary, a softer and less marked solution, for a face toned and remodelled before the summer!

By offering you a care in the best aesthetic centers of France, and in the hands of the most prestigious surgeons, Evadeô Pro guarantees you an unmatched know-how and a perfectly successful stay in Paris!

To plan your stay, as for any other cosmetic surgery request, or to come to get your treatment in France, contact our experts Evadeô Pro who will offer you the solutions best suited to your needs.

Plan your medical stay in France now, ask to be called, or contact us by phone or mail to tell us your needs; Our team does the rest!


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