Preparing your medical stay
27 avril 2015
VIP medical stay
27 avril 2015

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Whoever you are (government agency, hospital, business, insurance company, private individual, etc.),

Wherever you are (Africa, Asia, America, Europe)

If you are still hesitating,

Here are 5 good reasons to trust Evadeô Pro to organize your medical stay, your health check or more generally for all your healthcare requirements in France:

1.A dynamic, experienced and proven organization

  • Intervention for key customers: States, Ministries, Social security bodies, multinationals, insurance companies, oil companies, VIP celebrities, etc. ,

 Evadeô Pro has proven itself and has demonstrated the reliability and quality of its services with major players in the African continent and the Middle East, whether in large public or private institutions.

  • More than 300 patients evacuated since 2014

The number of medevac and medical stay cases handled by Evadeô Pro since 2014 exceeds 300. Given the partnerships recently signed or being signed with major economic players from other African, Asian and Middle East countries, this number is constantly growing!

  • A strong network of quality hospitals and practitioners

There are no secrets here: aside from the sense of humanity and the organizational know-how of Evadeô Pro‘s teams, one of the keys to the success of medical evacuations and medical stays is based on our strong network and close relationships with the most prestigious French hospitals, and the practitioners most recognized for their quality and effectiveness.


There is only one name for medical care in France managed by real professionals, and that name is Evadeô Pro !

2. Reliable staff, available 24×7

Because support can only be continuous, because it is essential to listen to patients on an ongoing basis and to be responsive in an emergency, Evadeô Pro has an emergency unit reachable 24×7.

Medical coordination agents are constantly ready to listen to you and able to call a doctor, bring you medication or transfer you to an appropriate medical facility in case of emergency.

A visiting medical team can also come to you throughout your stay and visit you at the hospital. It is listening to your expectations and liaises with the medical staff and physicians. Our team handles translations and interpretation if needed, throughout your stay.

Evadeô Pro, a dedicated team always at your side!

3. Competitive rates

 At comparable cost, can you still hesitate to choose France as a destination for your medical stay?,

By the extent of its medical network and by harnessing competition between French hospitals, Evadeô Pro is able to negotiate low cost medical quotes for you, that can compare shamelessly with those provided in the Maghreb or in South Africa

To further reduce its prices, Evadeô Pro has developed its own accommodation capabilities (see our Accommodation). . Patients thus benefit from comfortable framework that is adapted to their situation, at lower cost.

4. Courses of care elaborated within prestigious institutes and with reputable practitioners

Because offering unbeatable prices does not mean compromising on quality of care, Evadeô Pro leverages its privileged relationships with leading hospitals and practitioners from the Paris market to offer its patients undergoing medical evacuations or medical stays, courses of care that are perfectly tailored to their condition, in order to achieve optimum efficiency of their medical treatment.

At Evadeô Pro, quality of services and medical care remains our priority! 

5. Optimal response time and optimal treatment

Because it is inconceivable to let a patient’s condition deteriorate on grounds that his request for medevac or medical stay is dragging on at the hospital departments where he has applied, Evadeô Pro’s specialists make every effort to secure an estimate of the various stages of your stay and provide you with a complete quote in record time.

Evadeô Pro is committed to providing you with a complete quote within 2 to 7 days

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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