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27 avril 2015
Why choose Evadeô Pro?
27 avril 2015

You are about to come to seek treatment in France.

To maximize your chances of success and contribute to the optimal outcome of your medevac or your medical stay in France, Evadeô Pro puts at your disposal its experience and know-how to give you the following guidelines:

1.First, consider consulting your physician

  • If you are on medication, you should know the nature of your treatment, its duration, etc.image101
  • Also remember to ask for as much medical information as possible (reports, test reports, imaging, medical tests, diagnostics, etc.) This will be most valuable for French medical services.
  • Finally ask your physician to prescribe a work stoppage that you will give to your employer upon informing him that you are travelling abroad for treatment.

2. Also remember to see that your medical stay or medical evacuation will be financed properly

  • Make sure that you identify the bodies and structures involved in the funding of your stay, and in what proportion
  • Get information about the nature of supported costs, because this can differ depending on organizations or employers: medical share of the costs, paramedical share of the costs, accommodation, transport, food, escort, etc.

3. Request information about the program of your stay

  • Try to know in advance the dates, milestones and main periods to remember (consultations, hospitalization, rehabilitation), the health facilities or hospitals where you will be taken care of, etc.
  • If possible, ask for a copy of the notifications of appointment at the hospitals, as well as the commitments to cover the costs of your stay; these documents may support your application for France

VISA-POUR-ENFANT-MINEUR4. Initiate you visa procedures in advance

  •  Make sure you have all the documents to support your visa application
  • Plan, to the extent possible, a period of validity of your visa proportional to the estimated duration of your medical stay
  • If coming with an escort, make sure also that the latter has fulfilled the administrative procedures in due time

5. Prepare all the documents needed for your trip

  • Consider grouping all the documents necessary or helpful for the success of your stay: complete medical record, physician referrals, insurance certificates, commitments to cover the costs, passports and visa, etc.
  • Take some cash to meet those expenses that will not be reimbursed and to face any kind of contingent events or your shopping
  • Plan clothing for the season during which your medevac or medical stay is planned to take place

For a medical stay in France with no surprises, follow Evadeô Pro’s advice!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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