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27 avril 2015
22 mai 2015
  • Receipt and review of medical records

Our team of specialists receives the medical record of the patient applying for a medical evacuation or wishing to seek treatment in France. The more the record is informed (medical record, medical imaging, medical tests), the more quickly it can be processed.

We point out that Evadeô Pro’s staff members are subject to strict professional and medical confidentiality and that the content of the record is disclosed only to those persons who qualify to process it.

  • Contact with specialized hospitals and professors

Once the medical record is reviewed by our specialists, it is forwarded to the health facilities deemed most able to offer a course of care appropriate for the patient’s medical condition.

Because of the relationship of trust established with qualified doctors and renowned professors in all medical specialties, Evadeô Pro can expect all submitted records to be processed speedily and in an optimal fashion.

  •  Request for customized course of care and quotation

The request sent by Evadeô Pro to the medical facilities aims at receiving a two-fold response:

A proposed course of care adapted to the patient’s medical condition, describing the various stages of medical management of medical evacuation: medical checks, imaging, preoperative consultation, hospitalization phase, rehabilitation, post-operative care and follow-up, etc.

The full pricing of the proposal, based on the options that doctors consider the most likely.

  • Competitive quotes

Evadeô Pro harnesses the large network of hospital facilities with which it works on a regular basis for the organization of medical evacuations and sends the request for course of care and quotation to several medical facilities and services.

This process allows comparing proposals and identifying the course of care that offers the best value for money for our customers.

  • Contact with related service providers (hotels, rehabilitation centers, etc.) and negotiations for competitive rates

Once the best course of care is selected, Evadeô Pro identifies all the other cost items required for the smooth performance of the medical evacuation:

  • Post-operative care and rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Drugs
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Etc.

For these aspects also, Evadeô Pro relies on strong partnerships to guarantee its customers quality of services and preferential rates.

Regarding accommodation and transport, Evadeô Pro makes its staff and its own equipment available to its customers, as they are adapted to ensure their comfort and meet their requirements. See Our places of accommodation. Accommodation in an apartment hotel or prestigious hotel is also possible.

The consistent implementation of the steps planned for the patient’s medical evacuation and their financial estimate allows Evadeô Pro’s teams to draw up and submit the overall medevac quotation.

 We undertake to submit, within an optimum timeframe, an overall medevac quotation that will be unbeatable!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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