Evadeô Pro – A player of choice with a strategic position

1.A young and dynamic French company on a human scale

Evadeô Pro is a young and modern French company, founded in 2010 by a couple of enthusiasts, with in-depth social and medical culture, who have as their sole ambition to serve Human Beings.

Bolstered by a successful experience in the field of personal services, via the sister company Evadeô (, the idea of extending their services to people suffering appeared as a necessity or an emergency.

The Evadeô Pro concept was born from a simple observation: for foreign patients wishing to seek treatment in France, organizing medical evacuation is an actual obstacle course: considerable response times on the part of hospitals, exorbitant rates, organizational difficulties, obstacles in obtaining visas, etc.

Evadeô Pro was therefore established to address these difficulties and overcome these major challenges.

Our primary role is to make every effort to facilitate the delivery of care to people wishing to seek treatment in France or to bodies initiating a medical evacuation to France.

2.Headquartered 25 minutes from the heart of Paris


Because Quality means Efficiency,

Because Efficiency presupposes Responsiveness,

Because Responsiveness involves Proximity,

The administrative center of Evadeô Pro and all the places of accommodation reserved for patients undergoing medical evacuations are located in Paris and its suburbs, close to the most prestigious hospitals in France and the world.

3. More than 200 health facilities within 20 km

The strategic position of the company and its places of accommodation make it possible to turn to many of the nearby medical facilities.

This is all the more beneficial for the evacuated patients because it promotes:

  • The selection of an appropriate course of care
  • The development of competition for obtaining competitive rates
  • Comfort in the course of the stay thanks to the short travel times to hospitals

4. Located close to the most prestigious French hospitals: Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Pitié Salpêtrière, American Hospital, Saint Antoine Hospital, Cochin Hospital, Institut Gustave Roussy,American Hospital, etc.

The prestige and quality of care provided by many French hospitals is well established.

Despite the remarkable medical advances observed in some emerging countries, whose growth we can only encourage, France is THE undisputed destination for whoever wants to get the best medical care, as well as the best technical facilities identified to date.

Bolstered by its experience in the medical field, the Evadeô Pro team has managed to build strong ties and a close relationship with leading hospitals in Paris and the rest of France, who have now come to trust Evadeô Pro entirely.

Image3Evadeô Pro also enjoys very close ties with highly qualified and renowned practitioners in all medical bodies and all medical specialties, for the greater benefit of patients, who may be evacuated for the treatment of extremely diverse medical conditions (see « Medical Specialties » ).

All the professionals with whom Evadeô Pro has chosen to work share with us the same vision of life, the same project: the priority given to care and patients, beyond any other consideration.

Evadeô Pro – A dynamic team at the service of human beings

1.Friendly, competent staff


◦ Available 24×7

For the safety and comfort of patients undergoing medical evacuation or a medical stay, Evadeô Pro has set up an emergency unit available 24×7, consisting of a call center and drivers willing to go to the patients to deliver them medicine or accompany them to the closest healthcare facilities.

◦ Led by medical and management professionals

Evadeô Pro has chosen not to deliver medical services directly and to rely on all its medical partners for healthcare services (hospitals, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.), positioning itself as a manager and administrative and logistical facilitator for medical evacuations and medical stays.

However, Evadeô Pro has experienced staff in the medical and social fields, as well as recognized management and organization professionals that can help organize medical evacuations in an optimized fashion.

 2.A recognized organization

 ◦ 10 years’ experience in the social and medical field

Although Evadeô Pro as a company has the benefits of youth (dynamism, flexibility, modernity, ability to adapt), its staff members are nevertheless seasoned in all aspects of the medical and social fields, both through the experience of Evadeô Services ( and through their personal experience (qualified nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, Living & Mobility Aids, etc.)

 ◦ Historical and cultural proximity with emerging countries


To adapt better to the expectations and requirements of our patients undergoing medical evacuation or a medical stay in France, and to better anticipate their needs, Evadeô Pro has chosen to rely on staff with experience in Africa, the Middle East or Asia, or cultural proximity with these continents and their wealth of history and customs. Such proximity is illustrated by strict respect for the cultural and religious requirements of patients whose medical evacuation is handled by Evadeô Pro, and the proposal of appropriate diets and means of escort.

3. A lasting partnership with major players

For the organization of their medical evacuations, many renowned institutions have decided to trust Evadeô Pro :

◦ States and ministriesimage101

◦ National health insurance bodies,

◦ Mutual insurance companies,

◦ Insurance companies

◦ Hospitals

◦ Multinational companies,

◦ Oil companies

Through the success of the resulting partnerships, Evadeô Pro has become the player of choice for successful medical evacuation to, and medical stays in, France.

4.Obtaining responsive, competitive quotes


Through its privileged network of relationships with the most prestigious and competent hospitals, Evadeô Pro undertakes to provide each applicant with a comprehensive care course proposal and an all-encompassing quotation for medical evacuation within 72 hours.



Evadeô Pro, the key player in medevac!