A – Medical Stays and medical evacuation

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◦ Receipt and review of medical records

Our team of specialists receives the medical record of the patient applying for a medical evacuation or wishing to seek treatment in France. The more the record is informed (medical record, medical imaging, medical tests), the more quickly it can be processed.

We point out that Evadeô Pro’s staff members are subject to strict professional and medical confidentiality and that the content of the record is disclosed only to those persons who qualify to process it.

◦ Contact with specialized hospitals and professors

operationOnce the medical record is reviewed by our specialists, it is forwarded to the health facilities deemed most able to offer a course of care appropriate for the patient’s medical condition.

Because of the relationship of trust established with qualified doctors and renowned professors in all medical specialties, Evadeô Pro can expect all submitted records to be processed speedily and in an optimal fashion.

◦ Request for customized course of care and quotation

The request sent by Evadeô Pro to the medical facilities aims at receiving a two-fold response:

A proposed course of care adapted to the patient’s medical condition, describing the various stages of medical management of medical evacuation: medical checks, imaging, preoperative consultation, hospitalization phase, rehabilitation, post-operative care and follow-up, etc.

The full pricing of the proposal, based on the options that doctors consider the most likely.

 ◦ Competitive quotes

Evadeô Pro harnesses the large network of hospital facilities with which it works on a regular basis for the organization of medical evacuations and sends the request for course of care and quotation to several medical facilities and services.

This process allows comparing proposals and identifying the course of care that offers the best value for money for our customers.

◦ Contact with related service providers (hotels, rehabilitation centers, etc.) and negotiations for competitive rates

Once the best course of care is selected, Evadeô Pro identifies all the other cost items required for the smooth performance of the medical evacuation:

  • Post-operative care and rehabilitation centersLabo
  • Nursing care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Drugs
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food
  • Etc.

For these aspects also, Evadeô Pro relies on strong partnerships to guarantee its customers quality of services and preferential rates.

Regarding accommodation and transport, Evadeô Pro makes its staff and its own equipment available to its customers, as they are adapted to ensure their comfort and meet their requirements. See Our places of accommodation. Accommodation in an apartment hotel or prestigious hotel is also possible.

The consistent implementation of the steps planned for the patient’s medical evacuation and their financial estimate allows Evadeô Pro’s teams to draw up and submit the overall medevac quotation.


We undertake to submit, within an optimum timeframe, an overall medevac quotation that will be unbeatable!


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Once the medevac quote is approved, Evadeô Pro confirms the course of care to all of its partners / providers, thus preparing the patient’s support for the day of his arrival on the French territory.

 ◦ Reception of the beneficiary at the airport; he is then driven to the place of accommodation

Tourisme-medicalFor a personalized reception of its patients undergoing medical evacuations or a medical stay in France, Evadeô Pro dispatches systematically a patient attendant trained in patient reception techniques and briefed on the specifics of the relevant medical record.

◦ The beneficiary is driven to his various medical appointments

On the patient’s day of arrival and throughout his medical stay or medevac, the patient attendants drive him to his place of accommodation, as well as to all his medical and paramedical appointments planned as part of his course of care.

Upon request, the patient may also be accompanied at places of his choice: to visit relatives or friends, for shopping, sightseeing, etc.

However, any valid patient eager to remain autonomous may also request transportation tickets that can be used in public transport for his various trips.

 ◦ Monitoring of the progress of hospitalization / permanent contact with physicians

Throughout the medical stay or medical evacuation of the patients for whom it is responsible, Evadeô Pro wants to be the indispensable intermediary between medical professionals and facilities on the one hand, and patients and their insurance companies or employers, on the other hand.

Evadeô Pro‘s coordinators and medical visitors therefore handle the following:

  • They visit the patient during his hospital stay to ensure that the course of care goes smoothly and answer the patient’s concerns or meet his requirements
  • They conduct regular progression assessments with the physicians to find out about the progression of the course of care, the options retained and discuss these with the patient and, if required, with his medical insurance
  • They enlighten the patient and his insurer on his medical condition, mentioning all options and recommendations, in particular requesting and communicating formally the medical reports from the French practitioners; so that the best medical decisions are always taken in the exclusive interest of the patient

 ◦ Daily monitoring of the stay / material and logistical assistance of the customer


Apart from its role as intermediary between the medical players and the patient, Evadeô Pro meets the patient’s material and logistical needs throughout his stay: driving him to his various appointments, purchasing and shipping the medical equipment and drugs, accompanying him for his food errands, etc.

Our teams also remain in continuous physical and telephone contact with the patient to ensure the smooth development of his stay and to make sure that he does not lack anything.

◦ Numerous optional related services: assistance for meals, home help, assistance outside hospitalization, leisure, etc.

Because every medical situation is different, because each patient may have specific needs or claims, Evadeô Pro’s teams undertake to make every effort to meet the demands of evacuated and other patients they are in charge of.

In particular, Evadeô Pro turns to its partner company Evadeô Services (www.evadeo-services.fr) to offer customized services for the greatest comfort of its patients:

  • Personalized housekeeper
  • Assistance and interpretation throughout the stay
  • Washing and ironing of clothes
  • Preparation and supply of customized meals
  • Accompaniment on personal outings and for shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Management of escorts, children and spouses
  • Leisure activities for patients and their escorts(Disneyland Paris)
  • Etc.

And soon, a relaxation area will open its doors at the SAKINA Residence, offering a range of solutions for the complete well-being of patients undergoing medical evacuations: sauna, hammam, targeted massages, relaxation sessions, etc.

We support the beneficiary throughout his stay and ensure his comfort and well being

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 ◦ Transmission of medical records and medical prescriptions

In order to organize the patient’s return to his country of origin in the best conditions, Evadeô Pro contacts all physicians and medical facilities who treated the patient during his medical stay to obtain:

  • Detailed medical intervention reports, including the outcome of the treatments administered during the medical evacuation or medical stay
  • Medical certificates and sick leave certificates justifying for the patient’s absence during the period necessary for his recovery
  • A description of the medical course of action once back in the country of residence
  • Notices of appointments for the medical follow-up visits likely to take place 3, 6, 9 or 12 months following the procedure, in order to help organize the patient’s return to France
  • Any drug prescriptions to take in the weeks and months ahead

These documents are given to the patient and to his health insurance or the organization that funds the evacuation or stay in order to validate the operational closure of the medical evacuation or medical stay patient and plan the patient’s departure back to his country of residence. These can then be delivered to the patient’s employer or to any other institution that might request them for such purposes as compensation.

 ◦ Maintaining the relationship between the physician and beneficiary – organization of the trip back to France for follow-up visits if applicable

Evadeô Pro considers that coming to France to seek medical care or benefitting from sanitary evacuation is not an isolated event in the life of the patient and that it should be part of medical treatment in the longer run, measures are taken by our teams in order to maintain the contact between the patient and the physicians who treated him during his stay.

Thus, a follow-up datasheet is drawn up by our teams who make sure to perform the following on a regular basis:

  • Contact the patient (or his insurer) in his country of residence for news and an update on the progress of his medical condition, his cure and possible difficulties
  • Contact the French doctors who received and treated the patient in order to update them on the latter’s condition as well as on any issues or difficulties, in order to obtain advice or proposals more adapted to the patient’s specific case.

In the case of follow-up visits or examinations that cannot be made in the patient’s country of residence, or if further in-depth examinations are necessary, Evadeô Pro schedules the course of care required back in France with the same facilities and organizes a new medevac procedure or a new care procedure within a reasonable timeframe so as to allow for a smooth return trip to France.

◦ Follow-up on the medical treatment in the country of origin – Sending of the drugs needed for the treatment

Through the follow-up datasheet drawn up internally by Evadeô Pro’s teams, particular attention is paid to the provision and renewal of medication.

Depending on necessities, urgency or the unavailability of molecules in the patient’s home country, Evadeô Pro‘s teams endeavor to:

  • Ask the physicians for the necessary prescriptions
  • Go buy the drugs on behalf of patients or their insurers (after obtaining their formal agreement)
  • Organize the shipment of drugs to the beneficiary’s country of residence , taking into account the cold chain constraints.

This is what Evadeô Pro terms the « After-Sales Services » of medevac.

 ◦ Transmission upon request of the MEDEVAC report and records of expenses

Evadeô Pro serves as the Agent for the administrative and logistic management of medevac to France.

In other words, for all contracts with medical facilities or other providers (paramedics, accommodation, transport, etc.), Evadeô Pro does not act in its own name but on behalf of his principals, i.e. entities or individuals that appoint it to manage such medical evacuations or stays: hospitals, insurers, employers or the actual patients…

Consequently, Evadeô Pro must be completely clear and transparent regarding the nature and amount of expenses incurred for each medical visit or medical evacuation.

A medevac or medical stay Administrative Report (Compte Rendu Administratif or CRA) is therefore drawn up systematically after each medical stay in France and sent to our customers. The CRA includes the following topics:

  • Details of expenses incurred for the medical evacuation or stay by nature (medical, paramedical, accommodation, transport, etc.). Supporting documents for each expense are systematically attached to the CRA.
  • Reminder of the initial estimate received for the medical stay or medical evacuation
  • of the medical stay or medevac, that is to say difference between the amount we received and the expenses incurred. Depending on its sign (debit or credit), the balance is either reimbursed to the last eurocent to our customers/principals (if the total amount received exceeds expenses), or a call for additional funds is issued (if the total amount received is less than expenses), with the related supporting documents (bills) attached, of course.

We guarantee you post-medevac follow-up and the transmission of a fully transparent evacuation report


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B – Health checks

See our Health Checkup page.

C – Other services


You want to give birth in France? You are unable to have children and you want to be assisted by the world’s leading experts? Following an accident, you want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure by leading specialists? You have just been diagnosed with a major disease and want a second expert opinion? You learn that you have cancer and want to have comprehensive care in France by the best specialists?

To meet the needs of all its customers, Evadeô Pro offers a host of customized services, including:

  • Assisted reproductive technology (Medically Assisted Procreation or MAP)
  • Pregnancy follow-up in France
  • The organization of childbirth in France
  • Obtaining a second opinion by a multidisciplinary council gathering several specialists
  • Tailored plastic surgery
  • The management of obesity and the laying of slimming medical devices
  • Specialized long-term cancer treatment
  • Etc.

Whatever your need, whatever your request, Evadeô Pro’s teams are at your disposal to suggest the best solutions taking into account all your constraints and requirements!

Contact us !