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The term « medical tourism » covers different realities. A person is « medical tourist » if traveling to receive scheduled treatment. It is considered here that the concept covers both the so-called comfort or beauty treatments, sometimes associated with sightseeing, that supported heavy pathologies

1 / The world’s best health care system

France has many compelling advantages to play a major role on the international market of medical tourism. It provides care of high quality and has advanced technologies and professionals recognized internationally.
In 2000, the ranking of the World Health Organization (WHO) positioned France as the best health care system in the world, which has consolidated its reputation in the long term. Some services, like the Institut Gustave-Roussy for treatment against cancer, are crowned with world fame.

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2 / The world’s first tourist destination

Moreover, France is the first tourist country in the world and is geographically better situated than most of its competitors. For example, since Doha, Dubai or Libreville it takes 5 to 6 hours of flight to Paris, against 12 hours to New York. In addition, France is rich in tourist attractions and hotel infrastructure quality, with many opportunities for wellness holidays (spa…).

  • Monuments and legendary heritage

moulin-rouge-392147_1920Le_Grand_Palais_depuis_le_pont_Alexandre_III_à_Parisprintempsphoto chateau disneyparis-735169_1920

The tourist wealth of France is no longer in doubt. Its history of thousands of years, has made France a pioneer country of the great upheavals that have marked the history of mankind. The French architectural heritage is still evident, and allows tourists to enjoy their free time care pathway for sightseeing among the most famous of the Planet:

– Eiffel Tower
– The Palace of Versailles
– Museum of Louvres
– The Arc deTriomphe
– The “Sacré coeur”
– Etc.


  • Rich and varied landscapes between mountain and sea

With 4 coastlines giving access to the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and North Sea, and its 5 mountain ranges and volcanoes, France has exceptional sites allowing medical tourists to recharge in optimal conditions between 2 medical appointment or after a hospital stay.
Solutions are proposed for the organization of relaxation stays in the mountains or by the sea, especially on the prestigious Riviera.


  • A refined gastronomy

And since a good diet contributes to both healing and pleasure, France is the ultimate destination for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of tasting and a seine and varied gastronomy. The many restaurants of meat, fish and seafood allow you to sample French dishes, imitated all over the world but never equaled: meatballs of veal, beef bourguignon, potato gratin, duck, foie gras, etc.


  • Paris, the fashion capital

Nothing like a trip to Paris to stay trendy and enjoy the latest clothing collections. The Parisian department stores are also precursors for home furnishings, decorative furniture or even tableware. Finally, the work of art galleries will offer unique and prestigious objects that give an unmistakable character to your home.
So you can enjoy your medical stay in Paris for a shopping tour in which you come away filled.

3 / Very competitive prices

Despite his offer very high quality of care, medical rates observed in France remain very competitive, 2 to 5 times cheaper than in the US, and 10 to 50% cheaper than in Singapore, Thailand or at Mexico, as evidenced by the chart below :


Whatever the desired pathology (orthopedic surgery with prosthesis fitting, support cancer, obesity surgery, kidney, lung or liver, heart disease, eye surgery or ENT, etc.), the prices offered by the private or public hospitals in France are among the most affordable for a quality of care generally much better than elsewhere in the world.

These competitive prices for quality incomparable care, combined with the richness and diversity of the tourism offer, are a definite asset to medical tourism in France, and effective response to any person, any administration, any business or company insurance, wishing to organize care in France and combine business with pleasure by taking advantage of French tourist attractions.

Many hospitals among the most prestigious are aware of these strengths and organize a dedicated welcoming for international patients:
– The Institut Gustave-Roussy, global referral hospital for cancer treatment, has put in place a network of doctors abroad enabling it to refer patients for better care in France
– The American Hospital of Paris, which now has an international clientele representing 35% of patients;
– Public hospitals of Paris (Georges Pompidou European Hospital, Salpêtrière Hospital, Hospital Cochin Hospital 15/20, Hôtel Dieu, etc.), which have prestigious technical platforms, set up host cells dedicated to international patients;
– Other renowned private hospitals for quality of their care, have also taken initiatives to welcoming foreign patients: Saint Joseph Hospital Group, the surgical center Marie-Lannelongue, the Rothschild Foundation, Institute Montsouris, Foch hospital, or clinic of Alma, who won a prestigious patient base with high quality services

4 / Evadeô Pro, first player in medical tourism in France

Evadeô Pro stands today as the ideal solution for who wishes to benefit from the excellence of French hospitals the best price, and enjoy a trip to France to visit the capital and succumb to the charms of the many tourist France.

  • An unrivaled network in the best French hospitals

With its experience of over 10 years in medical tourism, Evadeô Pro has an extensive network of medical partners, prestigious hospitals, renowned practitioners, as well as numerous logistical support teams, and also enjoys partnerships with large luxury hotel establishments to offer customized packages, giving you access to the best health care system in the world through a range of quality services!

Evadeô Pro offers to organize the full support of your care pathway, tailored to your expectations and your requirements, and at the best price. Tell us what you have, what do you suffer from, what you need, and Evadeô Pro does make your stay and that of your family more peaceful and enjoyable…

  • Join Health and Leisure for your enjoyment

Medically, Evadeô Pro offers you to set a care pathway adapted to your situation:

– Support for light or heavy pathology
– Standard or specialized Health checkups
– Light or heavy aesthetic surgery
– Request for second opinion
– Delivery support in Paris
– Assisted reproduction

Our team will negotiate the best rates with our 200 partners, let you choose the care pathway and the structure you wish to plan your various medical appointments, accompany and assist you throughout the appointments. Our medical visitors in particular ensure that your hospital stay is in the best conditions.


In terms of tourism, Evadeô Pro offers you and all your companions, a range of services to meet your wishes, your curiosity, or simply your desires, in the respect of your time constraints or budget:

– Accommodation in apartment or luxury hotel (from 3 to 5 stars) in the heart of Paris
– Sightseeing tours of Paris and its finest monuments
– Mini rest stays by the sea or in the mountains
– Introduction to French gastronomy and world cuisines
– Discover restaurants and typical Parisian cafés
– Amusement parks and recreational visits: Disneyland Paris, Futuroscope, Asterix Park, etc.
– Shopping tours on the advice of our fashion experts
– Etc.


To satisfy you, Evadeô Pro offers discreet assistants accompanying you as much as you want, and responsible for the interpretation and advise you according to your needs.

  • A total care for your peace

Evadeô Pro organizes your medical and tourist stay tailored to your wishes by managing all aspects of your stay:

– Reception at the airport (arrival day) and Drop to the airport (day of departure)
– Your accommodation and accommodation of your companions in comfortable residence, independent apartment or from 3 to 5 stars hotel
– Your full board supply, including preparing customized meals, taking into account your preferences and eating habits (meals Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian) and offering an introduction to French gastronomy
– Conveyed accompaniment to all medical appointment
– The logistical assistance throughout the stay
– Tourist and leisure activities for you and your family: visiting the French capital, rests stays by the sea or in the mountains, amusement parks, shopping trips, etc.
– The provision of an interpreter – responsible for patient base throughout the stay

For EVADEO Pro, medical tourism is synonymous with professionalism, and we strive to offer high-quality stays, tailored to your requirements for relaxation and serenity.


Evadeô brings its value and assistance in harmony for your peacefulness !

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