22 mai 2015
28 mai 2015

Evadeô Pro appears in « AMINA MAGAZINE »

Turnkey medical stays

Image1Marina Vogel, 32, is the founder of Evadeô Pro, a company specializing in the management and organization of medical evacuations. A nurse by training and a mother of 4, the young woman chose to pursue her career as an entrepreneur. Rigor, organizational skills and the needs of others no longer hold any secrets for her. Portrait of a woman entrepreneur.

What is your business about?

Evadeô Pro is a company specializing in the management and organization of medical evacuations, and more generally of medical stays, to France. We offer « turnkey » solutions to government agencies, the medical community, insurance companies and businesses wishing to evacuate their sick staff or arrange their medical stay in France for lack of sufficient technical facilities in their country of residence. Our offer is also for individuals.

What motivation led you to start your business?

We started with a fairly simple observation. For a foreigner who could not be cared for in their country of residence, seeking treatment in France was a real « obstacle course »: endless response times from hospitals, exorbitant costs, difficulties in obtaining visas, etc. We took advantage of our experience in the medical field, our cultural proximity with the African continent and a strong network of doctors to provide a solution to all these problems.

Please explain the concept and purpose

The Evadeô Pro concept is simple and effective: upon sending a medical record or an application for temporary entry, our teams review the application and turn to specialized hospitals and practitioners to offer an medical « all inclusive » stay that’s in line with the patient’s condition at unbeatable prices. Once our offer is accepted, we handle the entire organization of the medical stay: collection of the patient at the airport, accommodation, accompaniment to medical appointments, permanent assistance … until his return to the airport.
Our goal: encourage medical trips to France through packages offering quality care, adapted to each individual at slashed cost.

Who are your partners?

Large institutions, insurance funds, insurance companies and large corporations based in several African countries regularly turn to us for the management of the medical stays of their employees or insured, as a result of the simplicity, value for money and quality of the packages that we offer. Evadeô Pro also works with many countries in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
On the French side, we work with over 50 medical partners, in particular the most prestigious hospitals in the country, whether public or private.

What are the administrative procedures for medevac?

Just send us a request by e-mail or via our website, possibly attaching a medical report detailing the identified condition and medical needs, and we will send you a proposal within 3-4 days. If our offer is accepted, we plan the stay and deliver all documents and certificates to facilitate the visa, it being clear that the consular authorities remain sovereign in their decision.

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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