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27 avril 2015
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27 avril 2015


You want to dService1evelop your market and your revenue by offering your customers and prospects a powerful, modern offer focused on medical stays in France?

You manage a customer base or have contacts that may be interested in full support of health care or medical checks in France?

You want to work with Evadeô Pro to allow everyone to benefit from quality health care?

 Evadeô Pro proposes the establishment of two simple partnership models, profitable for everyone, based on transparency and the search for common interests:

1.The Intermediary contract

You have selling skills and enjoy a strong and extensive network of contacts that might be interested, for themselves, for their organization or their families, in organizing medical stays in France?

Become an Intermediary for Evadeô Pro!

Your task is to look for potential customers, introduce our services to them and put them in contact with our teams. Evadeô Pro does the rest!

In return for your efforts, Evadeô Pro pays you a commission based on the amounts collected!

So do not hesitate, contact us, tell us about your ambitions and ask for our Intermediary contract!

 2.Partnership with agent status

For the organization and administrative and logistic management of medevac and other medical stays in France, Evadeô Pro can also offer you another status: that of agent with a mandate.

A. What is a mandate?

Legally speaking, a mandate is a contract by which one person (the Principal) gives another person (the Agent), the right to be able to perform in his name and on behalf of him, certain legal acts.

B. What does agent status actually involve for medevac and medical stays?

Practically speaking, Evadeô Pro’s action under a mandate involves the following considerations:

  1. Evadeô Pro(agent) signs with its principal (the patient, his insurer, his employer or any organization supporting the medevac) an agency agreement laying down the operational and legal bases for the medevac or medical stay project(s)
  2. Throughout the mandate entrusted to it,Evadeô Pronever acts in its own name but always in the name and on behalf of its Principal (especially when Evadeô Pro enters into contracts with various medical providers or others)
  3. In its capacity as agent,Evadeô Protherefore has an obligation to inform its principal about the progress of the mandate (and therefore of the medevac or the medical stay) and to report on the use of the funds received for organizing and managing the medical evacuation.
  4. In particular, after the medical evacuation or medical stay and after grouping all documents allowing to proceed to the administrative closure of the file, an Administrative Report (Compte Rendu Administratif or CRA) is sent by Evadeô Proto its principal.

  3. Such Administrative Report lists all the expenses incurred by Evadeô Pro for the administrative and logistical handling of the medevac or the medical stay, attaching the related bills. :

  • determines the mandate commission received by Evadeô Pro as compensation for the services rendered, such commission being generally a percentage of the total cost of the medevac or medical stay.
  • also determines the balance of the medevac record by difference between the amounts collected by Evadeô Pro on the one hand, and the expenses incurred for its mandate, on the other hand (to which should be added the mandate commission)

4. Record balance

Depending on its sign (debit or credit), the balance is either reimbursed to the last eurocent to our customers/principals (if the total amount received exceeds expenses), or a call for additional funds is issued (if the total amount received is less than expenses), with the related supporting documents (bills) attached, of course).

 With Evadeô Pro, your funds are managed in complete transparency for the peace of mind of all!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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