The term “medical tourism” covers various realities.

We consider here that the concept encompasses both so-called comfort or aesthetic care, sometimes associated with tourist visits, and the management of serious pathologies.

Why choose France?
We answer this question by highlighting the advantages in this country!

The best healthcare system in the world!

France has many convincing assets to play a major role in the international medical tourism market. She provides very high quality care and uses cutting-edge techniques and internationally recognized professionals. In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) ranking positioned France as the best system in the world, which has consolidated its reputation in the long term. Some services, such as the Gustave-Roussy Institute for Cancer Treatment, are world-renowned ...

The world's leading tourist destination

France is the leading tourist country in the world and it is better situated geographically than most of its competitors. For example, from Doha, Dubai or Libreville, it takes 5 to 6 hours of flight to reach Paris, against 12 hours for New York. In addition, France is rich in tourist sites and quality hotel infrastructures, with many possibilities for wellness holidays (spa, thalassotherapy, etc.).

Legendary monuments and heritage

France's tourist wealth is well established. Its history spanning several thousand years has made France a precursor to the great upheavals that have marked the history of mankind.

The French architectural heritage still bears witness to this, and allows tourists to take advantage of the free time of their treatment course to visit some of the most famous monuments on the planet:

✅ The Eiffel Tower
✅ The Palace of Versailles
✅ The Louvres Museum
✅ The Arc deTriomphe
✅ The Sacred Heart

Rich and varied landscapes between Sea and Mountain

With its 4 coastlines giving access to the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the North Sea, and its 5 mountain ranges and volcanoes, France has exceptional sites allowing medical tourists to recharge their batteries in optimal conditions. between 2 medical appointments or after a hospital stay.

Solutions are available for the organization of relaxation stays in the mountains or by the sea, and in particular on the prestigious Côte d'Azur.

Refined gastronomy

And since a good diet contributes to both healing and pleasure, France remains the destination par excellence for those who want to enjoy the pleasures of tasting and a varied and varied gastronomy.
The many meat, fish and seafood restaurants will allow you to taste typical French dishes, imitated around the world but never equaled: veal paupiettes, beef bourguignon, gratin dauphinois, duck breast, foie gras, etc.

An unrivaled network within the best French hospitals

Thanks to its experience of more than 10 years in medical tourism, Evadeô Pro has a vast network of medical partners, prestigious hospitals, renowned practitioners, as well as numerous logistical support teams, and also benefits from partnerships. with large luxury hotel establishments to offer you tailor-made packages, giving you access to the best healthcare system in the world through a range of quality services!

Evadeô Pro offers you to organize the complete management of your treatment path, adapted to your expectations and all your requirements, and at the best price.

Tell us what you are suffering from, what you are looking for, and Evadeô Pro will make your stay as well as that of your family more serene and pleasant….

Evadeô Pro, the leading player in medical tourism in France!

Evadeô Pro presents itself today as the essential solution for those who wish to benefit from the excellence of French hospitals at the best price, and to take advantage of a stay in France to visit the capital and succumb to the many tourist charms of France.

Leisure and Discovery!

In terms of tourism, Evadeô Pro offers you and all your guides a range of services to meet your wishes, your curiosity, or simply your desires, while respecting your time or budget constraints:

✅ Accommodation in an apartment or boutique hotel in the heart of Paris
✅ Tourist tours of Paris and its most beautiful monuments
✅ Mini rest breaks by the sea or in the mountains
✅ Introduction to French gastronomy and world cuisine
✅ Discover typical Parisian restaurants and cafes
✅ Visits to amusement and leisure parks: Disneyland Paris, Futuroscope, Parc Asterix, etc.

Very competitive prices!

Despite its offer of very high quality care, the medical prices observed in France remain very competitive, 2 to 5 times cheaper than in the USA, and 10 to 50% cheaper than in Singapore, Thailand or even in the United States. Mexico, as the graph below shows:

Whatever the desired pathology:

✅ Orthopedic surgery, with prosthesis
✅ Cancer management
✅ Obesity surgery
✅ Kidney, lung or liver transplant
✅ Heart disease
✅ Ophthalmologic or ENT surgery

The prices offered by private or public hospitals in France remain among the most affordable, for a quality of care generally much better than elsewhere in the world.

These competitive prices for an incomparable quality of care, combined with the richness and diversity of the tourist offer, constitute a definite asset for medical tourism in France, and an effective response to any person, any administration, any business or company. insurance, wishing to organize care in France and combine business with pleasure by taking advantage of French tourist attractions.

Many of the most prestigious hospitals have become aware of these advantages and organize a dedicated reception for international patients.

🏥 The Gustave-Roussy Institute , a world benchmark hospital for the treatment of cancer, has established an international network of doctors allowing it to guide sick patients for better treatment. in charge in France.

🏥 The American Hospital of Paris , which today has an international clientele representing 35% of its patients.

🏥 The public hospitals in Paris (European Hospital Georges Pompidou, Hôpital Salpêtrière, Hôpital Cochin, Hôpital des 15/20, Hôtel Dieu, etc.), which have prestigious technical facilities, have set up reception units dedicated to patients international.

Other private hospitals renowned for the quality of care and support have also taken initiatives to welcome foreign patients: the Saint Joseph Hospital Group, the Marie-Lannelongue surgical center, the Rothschild Foundation , the Montsouris mutualist institute, the Foch hospital, and the Alma clinic, which attracts prestigious patients with top-of-the-range services.

Total support for your peace of mind

Evadeô Pro organizes your tailor-made medical and tourist stay by managing all aspects of your stay according to your wishes:

✅ Reception at the airport and escort to the airport on the day of departure
✅ Your accommodation as well as the accommodation of your guides in a comfortable residence, in an independent apartment or in a hotel from ⭐⭐⭐ to ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
✅ Your full board diet, including the preparation of tailor-made meals, taking into account your preferences and eating habits (Halal, kosher, vegetarian meals) and offering an introduction to French gastronomy
✅ Support provided to all medical appointments
✅ Logistical assistance throughout the stay
✅ Tourist and leisure activities for you and your family: visits to the French capital, seaside or mountain rest breaks, amusement parks, shopping trips, etc.
✅ The provision of an interpreter - in charge of patient care throughout the stay
For Evadeô Pro, medical tourism rhymes with professionalism, and we make every effort to offer you high quality stays, adapted to your requirements, for your rest and serenity.