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There are two main reasons that may motivate the need for a second medical opinion: VYour doctor has diagnosed you with an active or rare disease. Seeking a second medical opinion makes it possible to confirm the first diagnosis or to refute it by highlighting new leads. This is a common practice that helps to dispel doubts about the pathology detected.
Before a heavy choice of treatment or surgery that may alter your physical condition, a second medical opinion may allow you to obtain alternative solutions to treat your condition.

In order to be able to assess your file and provide you with a second opinion, our expert doctor needs:
- your current diagnosis
- your X-rays, MRI and / or test results
- a precise description of the treatments you have undergone in the past
- your medical history mentioning your allergies, chronic diseases, previous surgeries as well as prescriptions
- a list of questions to which you want to have a precise answer

These e-consultation processes are perfectly suited to a remote context. If you are abroad, you can perfectly benefit from a second medical opinion before starting a treatment course in your country of residence or traveling abroad to start it.

2 possibilities !
1. Second Medical Opinion given by one of our specialists who will have studied your file in depth:

The file that you sent us using our digital form is entrusted to one of our specialists who studies it in depth and a detailed report allowing you to nurse or confirm a diagnosis is communicated to you. by email.
2. Second medical opinion given after a Multidisciplinary Consultation Meeting:

An RCP is a regular meeting between healthcare professionals from different disciplines during which patient files are discussed collegially. It aims to choose the most suitable treatment for the patient, taking into account the latest recommendations on the pathology, but also the benefits, risks and consequences on the patient's quality of life. We are organizing this meeting during which the file you sent us by
our digital form is studied by a college of medical specialists according to your pathology.