Evadeô Pro, leading player in medical tourism in France
Since 2010

Thanks to its experience of more than 10 years in medical tourism, Evadeô Pro has a vast network of medical partners, prestigious hospitals, renowned practitioners, as well as numerous logistical support teams, and also benefits from partnerships. with large luxury hotel establishments to offer you tailor-made packages, giving you access to the best healthcare system in the world through a range of quality services!

Evadeô Pro offers you to organize the complete management of your treatment path, adapted to your expectations and all your requirements, and at the best price. Tell us what you are suffering from, what you are looking for, and Evadeô Pro will take care of making your stay as well as that of your family more serene and pleasant….


Combining Health and Leisure
for your greatest pleasure!

From a medical point of view, Evadeô Pro offers you the opportunity to define
a treatment course according to your situation:

✅ Management of mild or heavy pathology
✅ Realization of standard or oriented health checks
✅ Course of light or deep cosmetic surgery
✅ Request for a second medical opinion
✅ Delivery support in Paris
✅ Medically Assisted Reproduction

1. Tourism

Our team is responsible for negotiating the best rates with our 200 partners, letting you choose the route and structure you want, planning your various medical appointments, accompanying you and assisting you throughout these appointments.

Our medical visitors will in particular ensure that your hospital stay takes place in the best possible conditions.

Evadeô Pro offers you and all your guides a range of services to meet your wishes, to your curiosity, or simply to your desires, while respecting your time or budget constraints:

✅ Accommodation in an apartment or boutique hotel in the heart of Paris
✅ Tourist tours of Paris and its most beautiful monuments
✅ Mini rest breaks by the sea or in the mountains
✅ Introduction to French gastronomy and world cuisine
✅ Discover typical Parisian restaurants and cafes
✅ Visits to amusement and leisure parks: Disneyland Paris, Futuroscope, Parc Asterix, etc.
✅ Shopping tours on the advice of our fashion specialists

2. Full support for your peace of mind!

To satisfy you, Evadêo Pro provides you with discreet assistants who accompany you as much as you want. and take care of the interpretation and advise you according to your needs.

Evadeô Pro organizes your tailor-made medical and tourist stay by managing all aspects of your stay according to your wishes:

✅ Reception at the airport and escort to the airport on the day of departure
✅ Your accommodation as well as the accommodation of your guides in a comfortable residence, in an independent apartment or in a 3 to 5 star hotel
✅ Your full board diet, including the preparation of tailor-made meals, taking into account your preferences and eating habits (Halal, kosher, vegetarian meals) and offering an introduction to French gastronomy
✅ Support provided to all medical appointments
✅ Logistical assistance throughout the stay
✅ Tourist and leisure activities for you and your family: visits to the French capital, seaside or mountain rest breaks, amusement parks, shopping trips, etc.
✅ The provision of an interpreter - in charge of patient care throughout the stay