Would you like to receive treatment in France?
Would you like to do a general check-up of your health?

Whatever your condition, whatever your pathology, whatever the complexity of your medical situation, Evadeô Pro strives to obtain from the most prestigious hospitals, and from the most competent doctors and teachers, a proposed course of treatment adapted to your condition and your needs.

The most commonly supported medical specialties are as follows:

- Cardiology
- Orthopedic surgery
- Ophthalmic surgery
- Vascular surgery
- Oncology, oncology, and management of all cancers
- Chemotherapy treatments
- Radiotherapy
- Neurosurgery
- Gynecology
- Urology
- Hepatology
- Gastroenterology
- ENT surgery
- The placement of hearing aids
- Pneumology
- Endocrinology
- Nephrology
- Pediatric specialties
- The fitting of articulated prostheses
- Post-operative rehabilitation

For each of these specialties, Evadeô Pro works closely with the best practitioners and hospital services in France to guarantee patients benefiting from medical evacuations or medical stays the most effective possible care, and this at unbeatable prices.

Diagnosis and uncommon pathologies

Have you been in pain for a long time without a doctor being able to find your disease and define an appropriate treatment?

It is not uncommon for a patient to suffer from pain or symptoms associated with one or more of the above-mentioned specialties, without a clear diagnosis being made in his country of residence, allowing appropriate treatment. In such circumstances, the Evadeô Pro teams organize, in collaboration with French doctors and hospitals, a battery of in-depth examinations and analyzes making it possible to establish a precise diagnosis of the pathology (s) from which it is suffering. the patient.

Once the diagnosis has been established, a proposal for a medical course will be sent to the patient as well as to his insurance organization for validation and start of treatment.

If the patient candidate for a medical evacuation or a medical stay in France suffers from disorders without apparent link with the above-mentioned medical specialties, specific attention will be paid to the file in order to identify the best solutions for the diagnosis and management of his pathology.
These prescriptions are sent to the Evadeô Pro teams who will take care of having everything you need before you return home.
With the health check-ups seen by Evadeô Pro, the duration and progress of your medical stay in France are optimized and you leave with complete peace of mind!

Restorative cosmetic surgery

Do you want to repair, correct or reduce a physical defect?

For a high-tech intervention in complete safety, trust the French experts selected by Evadeô Pro from among the most recognized cosmetic surgery services!



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Airport reception and pick-up (1st day) / airport drop-off (last day)
Evadeô Pro General Medical Assessment
Continental breakfast served on site
Accommodation 2 nights in a comfortable residence with breakfast
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Discover our Prestige Pack

Airport reception and pick-up (1st day) / airport drop-off (last day)
Evadeô Pro General Medical Assessment
Continental breakfast served on site
Accommodation for 2 nights in a prestigious Parisian hotel with breakfast
Support for medical appointments
Personalized support for sightseeing, shopping and leisure visits

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