For complete and personalized management of your check-ups and health assessments in the best medical centers in France.

Thanks to its experience, Evadeô Pro offers you the best possible understanding of your state of health, that of your loved ones or your employees, with a diagnosis, advice, and guidance for care. adapted.

Why a Health Check?

- You want to benefit from a complete inventory of your health, and be a step ahead of the appearance of potential diseases

- You suffer from any pain or suspect a pathology and you want to be reassured or directed.

Our partners

In order to offer you a quality service, Evadeô Pro surrounds itself with the most efficient medical providers in the Parisian market.

- Provision of the best specialists
- Access to a wide range of exams and assessments
- If necessary, continued medical and surgical care in specialized structures under the supervision of Evadeô Pro teams

Companies and administrations

You want to offer your qualified staff a preventive health check:

- Source of motivation at work
- Preventing absenteeism and boosting productivity

Taking stock of your health is to prioritize prevention over cure!

Most !

A complete support which relieves you of the formalities.

- Reception and drop-off at the airport at the start and end of your stay
- General or Specialized Medical Check-up Evadeô Pro
- Continental breakfast served on site
- Accommodation in a prestigious hotel or a comfortable residence with breakfast
- Provision of a driver with air-conditioned vehicle
- Support provided to medical appointments
- Personalized support: sightseeing, shopping, leisure, etc ...

Examinations performed as part of a standard assessment

General Medical Checkup

Male (-45 years old)
Male (+45 years)
Woman (-45 years old)
Female (+45 years)
Medical consultation Yes Yes Yes Yes
General blood test * Yes Yes Yes Yes
Urinalysis ** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stool analysis ** Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gynecological examination No No Yes Yes
Visual acuity Yes Yes Yes Yes
Eye pressure Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audiometer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Functional exploration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electrocardiogram Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chest x-ray Yes Yes Yes Yes
Total and free PSA (prostate) No Yes No No
TSH (thyroid) No Yes No Yes
Digital mammography No No No Yes
Breast ultrasound No No No Yes