1How did the idea to create Evadeo Pro / How was the concept born? Evadeo Pro ?
The Evadeô Pro concept was born from a simple observation: for foreign patients wishing to come for treatment in France, the organization of a medical evacuation is an obstacle course: response times considerable hospitals, exorbitant prices, organizational difficulties, blockages in obtaining visas, etc.

It is to counter these difficulties and respond to major challenges thatEvadeô Pro was born. With a simple idea: the desire to share French medical excellence with as many people as possible and at the best cost.

Today, we get medical appointments for you as quickly as possible and with the best specialists, we negotiate the rates for you, and make it easier for you to obtain a visa.
2Why choose Evadeo Pro to come for treatment in France?
Every day, new partners from all countries choose to collaborate with Evadeô Pro for clear considerations:

💖 Best rates on the French market, enabled by competition between all hospitals and negotiation of the lowest quotes
💖 Optimizing the length of stay and shortening hospital stays
💖 Reception residences and dedicated accommodation at preferential rates
💖 Facilitation in obtaining visas, the seriousness and quality of the work provided by our teams is now recognized by the French consulates
💖 Speed ​​in processing files and obtaining quotes
💖 Transparency in the management of funds and systematic return of any overpayment
💖 Quality of care and total satisfaction of patients and their insurers
3How quickly can I get a quote?
90% of our quotes are delivered in record time of 72 hours.

The most complex cases can sometimes take up to 7 days, but a first estimate can be sent within 48 hours if necessary.

Finally, our procedure for managing vital emergencies allows us to issue an estimate in 2 hours.
4What are the steps to take to obtain a quote?
Simply send us to our unique email address: contact@evadeopro.fr

✅ Your detailed request
✅ Your first and last names and date of birth
✅ And the elements of your medical file: medical report, images, blood tests, etc.

The medical file is not an obligation but it is a very valuable element which facilitates the issuance of a suitable quote. The more elements you send us, the more responsive we will be and our proposals will be adapted.
5Is Evadeô Pro taking care of my visa?
Our team facilitates your medical stay by taking care of all your administrative procedures, including the visa application process.

You will initiate the visa application at the French consulate, but Evadeô Pro will support your request by contacting the consulate, and sending you the following documents to support your request:

✅ Certificate of support
✅ Certificate of accommodation
✅ Medical planning and hospital summons
✅ Proof of payment of the hospital structure by us
6Am I sure to get my visa?
Am I sure to get my visa?

However, we recall that the consulate remains sovereign over the decision to grant or not the visa.
7What happens if my visa is refused?
Passing by Evadeô Pro, you have a 99% chance of getting your visa.

However, exceptionally, if your Visa is refused, we will reimburse you for the full amount paid, less the processing fees.
8Which hospitals do you work with?
Evadeô Pro works with the best French hospitals, public and private.

Our partner hospitals are located mainly in Paris and its region, but also in the largest cities in France.

For more details, see the page « Nos Partenaires »

9What are the pathologies that you take care of?
Given the many partner hospitals with which we work, our teams are able to take care of all medical pathologies without exception.

For more information, see the page « Spécialités Médicales »
10Does Evadeo also take care of the practical aspects (accommodation, visas, transport, etc.)?
Our team is responsible for facilitating all these steps:

✅ We help you get the visa
✅ We meet you at the airport and drive you to your place of accommodation.
✅ We organize the support of your medical trips with our team of drivers,
✅ We also organize your accommodation for your entire stay
✅ We offer a whole series of additional services for your comfort: full board meals, washing and ironing of laundry, sightseeing tour of Paris, outings to Eurodisney, etc ...
11Can we pay in several installments?
For security reasons and to allow your visa to be obtained and thus facilitate your arrival in France, we will ask you to pay your visa in full by bank transfer or on our secure platform.

After studying your file, you may be able to pay part of the estimate before your arrival, and the balance on the day of your arrival at the airport.
12Is accommodation included in the service? If so, how is it going?
Pour vous faciliter votre séjour et garantir une organisation optimale de vos soins, Evadeô Pro vous propose l’hébergement, que nous incluons dans nos devis.

A ce titre, nous vous invitons à consulter la page « Hébergement »
13Combien de temps dure un séjour en France ?
The length of stay varies depending on the patient's pathology, but also on his wishes in terms of additional service (rehabilitation, tourism, etc.)

We welcome patients for periods varying from 3 days to 1 year (long-term treatment pathologies).
13Can I be accompanied by a relative or a member of my family?
Patient support is of course possible, it provides additional / permanent support during the medical stay.

Let us know your requests, and we will also help your guide to organize their stay and facilitate their visa procedures.
14In which countries are you present?
Our main activity is in France.

Evadeô Pro also has an office in the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Algeria.

In addition, we have representations in some thirty countries of the African continent, Asia and the Middle East.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we can put you in touch with our representative in your country.
15Do you offer care offers in other countries?
Our main activity is in France.

We offer a complete range of care in the Middle East, as well as cosmetic surgery and hair transplant care with one of our partners located in Turkey.

Each of our medical partners, whether in France or abroad, has been selected for the quality of the care provided, and for the preferential rates that we were able to negotiate with them in your favor.