You have undertaken or requested to come to France for treatment.

The treatment plan for your medical evacuation or your medical stay has been validated, the dates have been set, so you are on the home stretch and take-off for France is imminent!

Evadeô Pro has gathered for you this practical information, which could be very useful!

1. Administrative procedures and visa

To speed up processing times and support your French visa application, remember to bring all the documents that will attest to your care and treatment:
- certificates from your attending physician
- summons from French hospitals
- certificate of coverage from your employer or your insurance company
- certificate of coverage from Evadeô Pro which offers a guarantee to the consular authorities regarding the management of your accommodation and the financing of your stay

Whenever possible, you should apply for a 3-month visa, which will give you more comfort and peace of mind than a 1-month visa.

2. Arrival at the airport

Upon your arrival at the airport, an Evadeô Pro agent will welcome you. He or she will take you to your accommodation (see our guest houses or our partners for hotel accommodation) and give you your welcome pack.

This file contains all the details concerning the course of your stay.

3. Expenses and money

Depending on the plan you choose and the nature of the benefits provided by your provider or employer, you may be responsible for certain expenses:

- Food
- Some travel
- Laundry
- Personal expenses

Evadeô Pro's teams are totally willing to provide you with these services. Nevertheless, if you wish to manage them by yourself, it may be useful to set some benchmarks.


If you wish to bring cash with you, we strongly advise you to exchange it for euros in your country of residence, before coming to France for treatment (at the airport for example). The places where certain currencies are exchanged in Paris may be limited or relatively expensive in terms of commission.

1 €uro = 656 FCFA and is equivalent to about 1.35 $ (USA), or about 0.7 £ (UK).

Payment by international credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express...) is also accepted in most outlets in France, usually with a minimum purchase requirement.

If your family wishes to send you money, the banking and postal organizations offer different methods of transfer such as, for example, money order and telegraphic money order.

Ask our Evadeô Pro teams for advice.


Theft of money is possible, whether in the hospital or on the street. Be vigilant and keep only a portion of what you have on you.

Have your family specify the department and, if possible, the address of the home where you are located or the address of the hospital and the room number.

Power supply

The simplest option is to eat in the multitude of restaurants that surround your accommodation, offering a variety of cuisines from all over the world.

But this is also the most expensive option, as the cost of a restaurant meal can vary from 10 to 50 €.

In most cases, Evadeô Pro provides accommodation in a structure with a kitchen (residence, individual apartments, appart-hotels...see our houses. It may therefore be wiser to do your shopping in the surrounding shopping centers and prepare your own meals. As a reminder, Evadeô Pro can also help you to do your shopping and prepare your meals (see our services).

Washing and ironing of clothes

If your stay is prolonged, and if the choice was made not to integrate the Evadeô Pro options for the washing and ironing of your clothes, it is possible to go to the laundromats nearby for these specific services.

Personal expenses

Need to buy a hi-fi, electronics or household appliance?

Need to stock up on designer and high fashion clothes?

Need to bring home gifts/souvenirs for the family?

Paris, capital of fashion and high-tech, is there to satisfy all your desires!


Prices can vary dramatically.

Be forward thinking to manage your budget well, think about the expenses you will need until the end of your medical stay, and do not hesitate to ask our teams for advice to direct you to the most appropriate outlets.

As a reminder, Evadeô Pro is also willing to offer you sightseeing and shopping tours on option.

4. Accompanying person

Depending on your age, your profile, your pathology and the agreements that may have been signed with your employer or your health insurance company, you may be able to be accompanied by the person(s) of your choice (family, friends, etc.) during your medical evacuation in France.

Think about asking the people concerned about the nature of the expenses covered for the stay of your companion.

In the case of a medical stay at your initiative, a simple request should be sent to our services to organize the payment of your companion(s).

In any case, the Evadeô Pro teams offer accommodation for the accompanying person(s), their accompaniment to the places of their choice as well as leisure activities (tourist visits, shopping, etc.) to enhance their stay.

Specific entertaining activities can also be offered to children.


The accompanying person must also make sure that he or she is in good administrative standing (issuance of the visa) and vis-à-vis his or her emp employer.

Think about notifying Evadeô Pro of the presence of one or more accompanying persons for a customized welcome!

5. Transport

Evadeô Pro proposes to manage your accompaniment to all your medical appointments as well as to the places of your choice (shopping, family visits, tourist visits...).

Nevertheless, if you wish to manage some trips by yourself, Paris and its region have a relatively developed public transport network, which will make your life easier on a daily basis: buses, streetcars, metro trains, Parisian and regional trains...

The unlimited use of these transports requires the purchase of a specific card ("passNavigo"), which costs between 25 € and 50 € per week depending on the geographical areas to be covered (purchase possible in all stations). Do not hesitate to contact our Evadeô Pro team for any advice.

Cabs in Paris and its region will also be able to transport you to the places of your choice, for generally higher rates (between 1 € and 1.50 € per kilometer).

6. Stay in touch with your family!

✉ By mail

Your family can send mail to the hospital address, to Evadeô Pro headquarters (our teams will bring it back to you) or to your accommodation.
If you receive mail at the hospital, it will be delivered to you by the mailroom clerk or supervisor.
If you wish to send mail, find out the stamp rate for your country of residence, as rates differ depending on the place of delivery.

📱 By phone
From your accommodation or hospital room: under certain conditions, you can receive calls or make calls. You are responsible for opening the line and paying the call charges.
From the hospital, ask the ward supervisor for the procedure to follow or call our team of medical visitors. From a phone booth: Simply purchase a phone card.

More conveniently and economically, we invite you to acquire a chip that is compatible with the French telephone network and purchase Lebara or other recharge cards.

💻 By Internet (unlimited)
Our residence, our partner hospitals and all the accommodations offered by our hotel partners have Wifi so you can stay in touch with your loved ones via the internet.