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Evadeô Pro

Middle East

P.O. Box 45526 Abu Dhabi, UAE
Hamdane Street
AlGhaith Tower
Phone: +971 (0)2.508.9095
Mobile: +971 (0)55.660.3238

Evadeô Pro

6 bis rue Denis Papin
94450 Limeil Brevannes – France
Phone: + 33 (0)
Mobile: + 33 (0)

Your Health, Our motto !     The specialist in medical tourism and medical evacuation toward France


    Want to get medical treatment in France? Need to organize medical evacuation to France for one of your patients / employees / insured? Want to conduct a health check, a plastic surgery procedure or need to be handled by an appropriate, high level medical service? Evadeô Pro offers and organizes medical stays for people from around the world who seek treatment in France under optimum conditions. Whether you are a government agency, a business, an insurance company or an individual, Evadeô Pro puts its experience and know-how at your disposal to facilitate and optimize the administrative and logistical organization of your medical trips to France. In close cooperation with the most prestigious French ...

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  • Health checks starting from EUR 1,499!

    The only comprehensive offer in the French market, with all-inclusive packages starting from EUR 1,499! Want to get a full health check? Need to investigate a pain to reassure yourself and be sure to tackle the disease early on? To start 2016 in great shape, go for prevention and take advantage of Evadeô Pro’s exceptional Health Check offer. We offer you an all-inclusive health check package starting from EUR 1,499! The Evadeô Pro package includes reception, a full health check by a prestigious center, as well as reception at the airport, accommodation in a comfortable residence or hotel with all conveniences and accompaniment by car to all your medical appointments! This can be ...

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  • Evadeô Pro appears in “AMINA MAGAZINE”

    Evadeô Pro appears in “AMINA MAGAZINE” Turnkey medical stays Marina Vogel, 32, is the founder of Evadeô Pro, a company specializing in the management and organization of medical evacuations. A nurse by training and a mother of 4, the young woman chose to pursue her career as an entrepreneur. Rigor, organizational skills and the needs of others no longer hold any secrets for her. Portrait of a woman entrepreneur. What is your business about? Evadeô Pro is a company specializing in the management and organization of medical evacuations, and more generally of medical stays, to France. We offer “turnkey” solutions to government agencies, the medical community, insurance companies and businesses wishing to evacuate ...

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