You are about to come to France for treatment.

To put all the assets on your side and contribute to the optimal progress of your medical evacuation or your medical stay in France, Evadeô Pro puts at your disposal its experience and its know-how to address you some following advices:

1. First of all, consider consulting your doctor

- If you are on medication, you need to know the nature of your treatment, its duration, etc. - Finally ask him to prescribe you a work stoppage that you will give to your employer informing him that you are going abroad for treatment

2. Also consider the financing of your medical stay or evacuation

- Be sure to identify which organizations or structures are participating in the financing of your stay, and in what proportion
- Find out the nature of the expenses covered, as they may differ depending on the organization or employer: medical, paramedical, accommodation, transportation, food, accompanying person...

3. Ask for information about the program of your stay

- Try to know in advance the dates, stages and main periods to be re
held (consultations, hospitalization, rehabilitation), the hospitals or health structures that are supposed to receive you, etc.

- If possible, ask for a copy of the convocations to the hospitals, as well as the certificates of care for your stay; these documents will be able to support your visa application for France

4. Apply for a visa in advance

• Have all the documents to support your visa application
• Plan, as far as possible, a period of validity of your visa in relation to the estimate of your medical stay
• If coming with a guide, also make sure that the latter completes the administrative procedures on time.

5. Prepare all the necessary items for your trip

• Remember to gather all the documents that are useful or essential to the smooth running of your stay: complete medical file, doctor's recommendations, insurance certificates, certificates of support, passports and visas ...
• Plan for cash to cover unsupported expenses, any unforeseen circumstances and your shopping desires
• Bring clothes suitable for the season during which your medical stay or medical evacuation is planned.
For a medical stay in France without bad surprises, follow the Evadeô Pro advice!