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How to prevent kidney failure?

For healthy kidneys:

  • Limit salt. hypertension may damage the kidneys.
  • Drink a lot of mineralized water to facilitate kidney work.
  • Monitor blood glucose levels because diabetes promotes renal insufficiency.
  • Do not smoke, as tobacco metabolites must pass through the kidneys.
  • Avoid alcohol, drug and medication, including all over-the-counter medications such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen


  • A blood test with creatinine dosage to calculate the glomerular filtration rate
  • A urine test for the presence of albumin in the urine.

Evadeô Pro guarantees for its patients, unrivalled know-how and high quality of care in our partner’s hospitals. Our medical teams partner will take all steps to anticipate and avoid kidney damage.

To get treatment in France, or to make a complete health check-up, during a medical evacuation, a medical stay or simply a tourist visit in Paris, get in touch with Evadeô Pro experts who will be able to offer you the most appropriate course of treatment for your condition, and take measures to preserve the quality of your kidneys.

Plan your medical stay in France now, ask to be called, or contact us by phone or mail to tell us your needs; Our team does the rest!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

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