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AVC (Accident Vasculaire Cérébral) : rééduquer son corps et son cerveau, c’est possible…

Qu’est-ce que l’Accident Vasculaire Cérébral ou Attaque Cérébrale (Stroke, en anglais) ? C’est un dysfonctionnement brutal du cerveau lié à une anomalie de son irrigation. Il survient lorsqu’une artère à destination cérébrale est bouchée (70% à 80% des AVC sont des accidents ischémiques) ou encore lors de la rupture d’une artère ...

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How do you get rid of your headache?

Nearly one milliard people around the world suffer from chronic migraine. This is a disabling disease for those affected. Fortunately, treatments are now available for lasting relief. Do you feel pain in the neck and temples for several days? You can’t concentrate? All these symptoms announce a headache, a migraine. ...

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Cancer treatment by ultrasound

Cancer treatment by ultrasound: French doctors are developing a very promising technology!            If a cancerous brain tumor is identified, the main option is the neurosurgical act. But to prevent recurrences, radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions are generally prescribed. The effectiveness of this last option is often limited. Only a very ...

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“That’s it, they arrived! “

If you enjoy your holidays to combine health and leisure? At Evadeô Pro, health stays packages of the summer season 2016 are ready! You want to make special examinations, follow a complete health check-up, or cure a disease, and enjoy your stay to relax, shopping, visiting Paris, its monuments and ...

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Medical Specialties

Want to seek treatment in France? Want to have a full medical check? You suffer from unexplained pain, for which you would like to benefit from full investigations conducted by specialists? You are suffering from a rare disease or long-term condition and would like to benefit from the best hospital ...

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