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Health checks starting from EUR 1,499!

The only comprehensive offer in the French market, with all-inclusive packages starting from EUR 1,499!

Want to get a full health check? Need to investigate a pain to reassure yourself and be sure to tackle the disease early on?

To start 2016 in great shape, go for prevention and take advantage of Evadeô Pro’s exceptional Health Check offer.

We offer you an all-inclusive health check package starting from EUR 1,499!

The Evadeô Pro package includes reception, a full health check by a prestigious center, as well as reception at the airport, accommodation in a comfortable residence or hotel with all conveniences and accompaniment by car to all your medical appointments! This can be achieved in 48 hours, after what you leave with a full report and recommendations by the best specialists.

With Evadeô Pro, Health is not wishful thinking!

Evadêo Pro – Leader of Healthcare stays and medical tourism in France.

Get treatment in France

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