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Votre Santé, Notre Crédo !     Le spécialiste du tourisme médical et des évacuations sanitaires vers la France

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Our partners

You come to get treatment in France or you want to entrust the organization of the course of care in France of a relative, an employee or an insured, to a single point of contact who will liaise with all the players involved in the stay. To ensure personalized and ...

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Coming to France

You have undertaken or filed an application to seek healthcare in France. The care course of your medical evacuation or your medical stay has been approved, the dates are set. You are therefore on your way to France and about to take off! Evadeô Pro collected for you the practical ...

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Becoming a partner

You want to develop your market and your revenue by offering your customers and prospects a powerful, modern offer focused on medical stays in France? You manage a customer base or have contacts that may be interested in full support of health care or medical checks in France? You want ...

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VIP medical stay

For a premium, customized medical stay that is perfectly suited to your needs, where you can be welcomed, accommodated, transported and cared for in the best conditions. To benefit, beyond your course of care, from a full range of customized services, Go for the VIP medical package! A tailored stay ...

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Why choose Evadeô Pro?

Whoever you are (government agency, hospital, business, insurance company, private individual, etc.), Wherever you are (Africa, Asia, America, Europe) If you are still hesitating, Here are 5 good reasons to trust Evadeô Pro to organize your medical stay, your health check or more generally for all your healthcare requirements in France: ...

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Preparing your medical stay

You are about to come to seek treatment in France. To maximize your chances of success and contribute to the optimal outcome of your medevac or your medical stay in France, Evadeô Pro puts at your disposal its experience and know-how to give you the following guidelines: 1.First, consider consulting your ...

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Medical Specialties

Want to seek treatment in France? Want to have a full medical check? You suffer from unexplained pain, for which you would like to benefit from full investigations conducted by specialists? You are suffering from a rare disease or long-term condition and would like to benefit from the best hospital ...

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